Friday, May 27, 2016

Pro Cosplayers

Ok Cosplayers

So now you are ready to find out how people are making money and getting famous for this. The pro cosplayers do this in a number of different ways:

1 Personall appreaances at Cons or special events
2 Sell personal photos or costume props
3 Make costumes or pieces for other cosplayers or the entertainment industry
4 Enter and win cosplay contests

As I have stated before I’m no epert but you can find out some great information and learn about some of my favourite cosplayers by looking up Heroes of Cosplay that was on Space (in Canada) or SyFy (in the US). These guys are pros. They show you all different levels of cosplay and how some of their amazing costumes get made.

I hope these cosplay blogs have helped and remember Miga’s has all kinds of resoucres to help you on your cosplay journey. Up next ... a fun contest!

Photo is owned by Heroes of Cosplay and in no way is associated with Miga's Balloons.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Cosplay Stepped Up

Welcome back everyone!

As promised we are going to dive further into the world of COSPLAY! For those who missed it, I’m not an expert but a novice cosplayer who is getting more and more into it.

So now you are ready to kick it up? The next big step is to start making your own costumes. Hold up you say I cannot sew! Well I’m not the best seamtress either but there are awesome tutorials online about simple patterns and work arounds for lots of the basic pieces. I would pick something not to hard for my first costume.

My first cosplay was steampunk. I took a combination of stuff that I had made and mixed it with peices I had bought. I made my underdress out of a simple pattern that was taught to me for my first medivel festival. You simply fold the material in half horizontally and then vertically so that the folds are on the same side. Then take one of your tshirts, fold it in half vertically and lay it on top so the folds are on top of each other. Then you simply cut the non folded sides leaving some extra space around your shirt for the seams. If you want long sleeves you can either use a long sleeve shirt or just cut straight out from your tshirt. We will be posting a video blog outlining this process very shortly so watch for that.

What about the pro cosplayers? Well stay tuned our next blog will be talking about just that.