Friday, April 29, 2016

What is COSPLAY?

Ok time to swtich gears and talk about another topic that I love COSPLAY!!!!

I’m just getting into this and loving every minute of it. If you don’t know a lot about it don’t worry you are not alone. I am going to try and walk you through the basics but I’m no expert just a huge fan.

What is COSPLAY?

Cosplay comes from the Japanese fusion of costume and play. Basically take any character that you love from anime, film, comics, tv, etc and you dress up to become that character. Think of it like Halloween every day of the year which happens to be my favourite holiday!

Ok so I get that but how do you do it? It’s easy to start out you can just buy a costume of a character that you love and dress up. Conventions or Cons as they are known are one of the best places to start as there are tones of people who are just getting into cosplay or have been doing it forever. They are all very welcoming and it is an elusive community. Well duh it’s made up of mostly nerds and geeks like me so of course they are welcoming.

So ready to up your game now that you have got your feet wet? Well stay tuned to our next blog as we dive even further into the Cosplay world.