Friday, April 15, 2016

Contest Time!!!!

Ok All it’s my favourite kind of blog time .... the contest blog! I hope you have been paying attention as the answers you seek are in previous blogs. Answer as many of the questions as you can and for every correct answer you will be entered to win a makeup 101 starter kit exclusively provided by Miga’s Balloons but act fast as you only have two weeks to get your answers in!

Question 1
What is Blodd F/X for?

Question 2
White school glue is to paper as _____________ is to skin

Question 3
You can buy prescription contact lens from anyone who sells comestic ones. TRUE or FALSE

Question 4
Name 3 things that should be a gimmie in your makeup kit.

Question 5
Safety is parampunt when it comes to almost all things but especially to your _____ at Miga’s.

OK go, remember your time is limited so good luck! Place your answers in the comments below to be entered. Contest closes April 29th.