Friday, April 1, 2016

Contact Lens Safety

Hey All,

As promised today we are going to talk about contact lenses. This one is very near my heart as eyes and eyesight is huge for me. You see I was born blind due to cataracts and after several surgeries when I was very young, I can see almost perfect with the help of glasses today.

There are several companies out there that sell contact lenses and some are not what the appear. Some companies claim they have fantastic products but really for very cheap they are selling you a plastic disc that can leave you permently blind or with a serious injury.

Number 1 here – DO YOUR RESEARCH – if they are selling you a pair that everywhere else you saw for $50 but instead only for $20 beware. Is the company approved for sale in Canada? Have they been approved by the FDA? Are they expired? Yes contacts have expiry dates.

Number 2 – NO ONE except an Optomitrist or Opthomoligist can sell prescription contact lenses, even the fun coloured ones. Do not buy them.

Number 3 – Can you touch the white part of your eye with your finger tip? If you answered no or were grossed out, contacts are not for you. You need to bring your finger into your eye to put them on and off, so if you can’t even toch your eye don’t waste your money.

Number 4 – CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN – This means your hands before you put them in or take them out, the lenses themselves before and after they have been in your eyes and make sure there is fresh clean solution in the case everytime you put them away.

 Remember you only get one set of eyes don’t put them at risk. Know what you are buying and from who. Ask questions because if they cannot answer them they didn’t do their research either. Let’s us know about your experience in the comments below. Our next blog will feature a surprize so stay tuned.