Friday, March 25, 2016

All About the BLOOD

As promised we are going to talk more about some of our makeup items and today its all about BLOOD!

First I have to say that in general I am not a fan of blood in the movies or elsewhere. I am probably the biggest chicken when it comes to watching movies with blood, guts and gore outthere. Yes yes I know it’s fake and I even know how some of it is done but it still turns my stomache.

Anyway we are off topic, so I want to tell you about the three main types of blood used: F/X Blood, Blood Gel and Blood Powder. So let’s start:

F/X Blood is one of the most common used. This is the super fun drippy and slimey looking stuff that seems to be running everywhere. It is great for all kinds of makeups like zombies, vampires, werewolves and much more. Basically anything that needs to be dripping this is your best friend.

Blood Gel on the other hand is different as this is the super thick and congeally looking stuff you would find in a deep wound. Think of it like this if F/X Blood is dripping off the werewolf’s fangs then Blood Gel is what is collecting in the wound where he just ripped a chunk off you.

These first two work the best of course when they are used together. They show maximum damage and give a realistic look to what has happened. Wait a minute you say? What about Blood Powder? How does that one fit in? I just recently discovered the joys of Blood Powder and how much fun this little product can be.

Blood Powder is exactly what it sounds like. A powder that you lightly rub into the skin with a powder puff and it will disappear. Well what fun is that you ask? So much fun because once you add just a small amount of water, you have a live open and running wound! Just like if someone ran up and slit your throat in the movies and it started to gush out, yep you guessed it blood powder!

So hopefully this has helped to make your blood needs explained and remember to you find it all in your own backyard at Miga’s Balloons. Our next blog will take us into the world of contact lenses.