Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's Time to Say Goodbye to our storefront location

Hello to all of our fabulous customers,

As most of you have seen or suspected through the rumour mill, Miga's Balloons + More and Miga's After Dark is storefront closing. Yes it's true, We had tired to find a buyer for the store but it didn't work out.

The biggest question I'm sure you are asking is WHY?

That is a very happy and easy one to answer. We are expecting our second child to be born at Halloween and with two under two, this will be enough for us to take care of.

So what's to happen with everything then?

Starting September 6th until September 24th we are putting evrything party in the store on sale of 60% off. This includes plates, napkins, decor, themed items, wedding, bachelorette, adult novelties, joke items, geek gear, gifts and so much more. Balloons are also included but not helium. Yes we will still offer helium filled balloons during this time while our supplies last.

What about Halloween?

Don't worry all my fellow cosplayers and Halloween lovers, I haven't forgotten about you. Our Halloween sale will begin on October 3rd til October 22nd. We will be offering all in stock costumes, accessories, makeup, wigs, props and more at 60% off*. These deals will not last long.

*Contact lenses are not included in sale.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have supported our family over the last four and a half years. As it is sad to say goodbye, I am excited for the next chapter.

Hope to see you during the sale!

Take care,
Sarah Campbell and Family

P.S. Miga's will be closed from September 26th to October 1st to reset the store.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cosplay Contest Time!!!

Ok so I couldn’t wrap up our cosplay blogs without having a contest of my own. So here t is:

The rules:
You must own the photo you post
You must be in the photo you post
You must have made at least one piece in the costume and describe how you made it
This cannot be a professional photo
You will have one week to post your photo (Friday June 10-17th)
Voting by likes will take place at the end of the first week and will last for an additional week only.(Fruday June 17-24)

 The prize:

One lucky cosplayer will win a $25 gift card to Miga’s

How do I win:

You have one week to post your photos and descriptions in the comments below. After the first week is over, The entries will be posted for voting. The photo that receives the most likes will be our winner. 

Its that simple so go and dig out your best photos. Good Luck!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Pro Cosplayers

Ok Cosplayers

So now you are ready to find out how people are making money and getting famous for this. The pro cosplayers do this in a number of different ways:

1 Personall appreaances at Cons or special events
2 Sell personal photos or costume props
3 Make costumes or pieces for other cosplayers or the entertainment industry
4 Enter and win cosplay contests

As I have stated before I’m no epert but you can find out some great information and learn about some of my favourite cosplayers by looking up Heroes of Cosplay that was on Space (in Canada) or SyFy (in the US). These guys are pros. They show you all different levels of cosplay and how some of their amazing costumes get made.

I hope these cosplay blogs have helped and remember Miga’s has all kinds of resoucres to help you on your cosplay journey. Up next ... a fun contest!

Photo is owned by Heroes of Cosplay and in no way is associated with Miga's Balloons.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Cosplay Stepped Up

Welcome back everyone!

As promised we are going to dive further into the world of COSPLAY! For those who missed it, I’m not an expert but a novice cosplayer who is getting more and more into it.

So now you are ready to kick it up? The next big step is to start making your own costumes. Hold up you say I cannot sew! Well I’m not the best seamtress either but there are awesome tutorials online about simple patterns and work arounds for lots of the basic pieces. I would pick something not to hard for my first costume.

My first cosplay was steampunk. I took a combination of stuff that I had made and mixed it with peices I had bought. I made my underdress out of a simple pattern that was taught to me for my first medivel festival. You simply fold the material in half horizontally and then vertically so that the folds are on the same side. Then take one of your tshirts, fold it in half vertically and lay it on top so the folds are on top of each other. Then you simply cut the non folded sides leaving some extra space around your shirt for the seams. If you want long sleeves you can either use a long sleeve shirt or just cut straight out from your tshirt. We will be posting a video blog outlining this process very shortly so watch for that.

What about the pro cosplayers? Well stay tuned our next blog will be talking about just that.

Friday, April 29, 2016

What is COSPLAY?

Ok time to swtich gears and talk about another topic that I love COSPLAY!!!!

I’m just getting into this and loving every minute of it. If you don’t know a lot about it don’t worry you are not alone. I am going to try and walk you through the basics but I’m no expert just a huge fan.

What is COSPLAY?

Cosplay comes from the Japanese fusion of costume and play. Basically take any character that you love from anime, film, comics, tv, etc and you dress up to become that character. Think of it like Halloween every day of the year which happens to be my favourite holiday!

Ok so I get that but how do you do it? It’s easy to start out you can just buy a costume of a character that you love and dress up. Conventions or Cons as they are known are one of the best places to start as there are tones of people who are just getting into cosplay or have been doing it forever. They are all very welcoming and it is an elusive community. Well duh it’s made up of mostly nerds and geeks like me so of course they are welcoming.

So ready to up your game now that you have got your feet wet? Well stay tuned to our next blog as we dive even further into the Cosplay world.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Contest Time!!!!

Ok All it’s my favourite kind of blog time .... the contest blog! I hope you have been paying attention as the answers you seek are in previous blogs. Answer as many of the questions as you can and for every correct answer you will be entered to win a makeup 101 starter kit exclusively provided by Miga’s Balloons but act fast as you only have two weeks to get your answers in!

Question 1
What is Blodd F/X for?

Question 2
White school glue is to paper as _____________ is to skin

Question 3
You can buy prescription contact lens from anyone who sells comestic ones. TRUE or FALSE

Question 4
Name 3 things that should be a gimmie in your makeup kit.

Question 5
Safety is parampunt when it comes to almost all things but especially to your _____ at Miga’s.

OK go, remember your time is limited so good luck! Place your answers in the comments below to be entered. Contest closes April 29th.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Contact Lens Safety

Hey All,

As promised today we are going to talk about contact lenses. This one is very near my heart as eyes and eyesight is huge for me. You see I was born blind due to cataracts and after several surgeries when I was very young, I can see almost perfect with the help of glasses today.

There are several companies out there that sell contact lenses and some are not what the appear. Some companies claim they have fantastic products but really for very cheap they are selling you a plastic disc that can leave you permently blind or with a serious injury.

Number 1 here – DO YOUR RESEARCH – if they are selling you a pair that everywhere else you saw for $50 but instead only for $20 beware. Is the company approved for sale in Canada? Have they been approved by the FDA? Are they expired? Yes contacts have expiry dates.

Number 2 – NO ONE except an Optomitrist or Opthomoligist can sell prescription contact lenses, even the fun coloured ones. Do not buy them.

Number 3 – Can you touch the white part of your eye with your finger tip? If you answered no or were grossed out, contacts are not for you. You need to bring your finger into your eye to put them on and off, so if you can’t even toch your eye don’t waste your money.

Number 4 – CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN – This means your hands before you put them in or take them out, the lenses themselves before and after they have been in your eyes and make sure there is fresh clean solution in the case everytime you put them away.

 Remember you only get one set of eyes don’t put them at risk. Know what you are buying and from who. Ask questions because if they cannot answer them they didn’t do their research either. Let’s us know about your experience in the comments below. Our next blog will feature a surprize so stay tuned.

Friday, March 25, 2016

All About the BLOOD

As promised we are going to talk more about some of our makeup items and today its all about BLOOD!

First I have to say that in general I am not a fan of blood in the movies or elsewhere. I am probably the biggest chicken when it comes to watching movies with blood, guts and gore outthere. Yes yes I know it’s fake and I even know how some of it is done but it still turns my stomache.

Anyway we are off topic, so I want to tell you about the three main types of blood used: F/X Blood, Blood Gel and Blood Powder. So let’s start:

F/X Blood is one of the most common used. This is the super fun drippy and slimey looking stuff that seems to be running everywhere. It is great for all kinds of makeups like zombies, vampires, werewolves and much more. Basically anything that needs to be dripping this is your best friend.

Blood Gel on the other hand is different as this is the super thick and congeally looking stuff you would find in a deep wound. Think of it like this if F/X Blood is dripping off the werewolf’s fangs then Blood Gel is what is collecting in the wound where he just ripped a chunk off you.

These first two work the best of course when they are used together. They show maximum damage and give a realistic look to what has happened. Wait a minute you say? What about Blood Powder? How does that one fit in? I just recently discovered the joys of Blood Powder and how much fun this little product can be.

Blood Powder is exactly what it sounds like. A powder that you lightly rub into the skin with a powder puff and it will disappear. Well what fun is that you ask? So much fun because once you add just a small amount of water, you have a live open and running wound! Just like if someone ran up and slit your throat in the movies and it started to gush out, yep you guessed it blood powder!

So hopefully this has helped to make your blood needs explained and remember to you find it all in your own backyard at Miga’s Balloons. Our next blog will take us into the world of contact lenses.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Makeup Kit 101

Ok so I haven’t written in a while,  sorry about that. Life got crazy for a bit but now on to our next topic and it’s one of my favourites ... costume makeup!

I am not an artist nor have I had lot of lessons but there are some amazing things you can do with just some basic tools and that’s what I’m going to discuss today.

Number 1 for any Cosplayer or Halloween costume lover is a well stocked basic makeup kit. What should be in it? Well here’s a taste of what’s in mine:
  1. Spirit gum – glue for your skin
  2.  Blood – a few different types
  3.  Injury Stack – makeup for bruising and darkening
  4. Brushes – this is a gimmie
  5. Makeup sponges – again a gimmie
  6. Liquid or Flesh Latex – great to add texture or make your own prostetics
  7. Moisturizer – a must to help with removal, you’ll thank me
  8. Talcum powder – to lock it in
  9. Face paint – so we can get creative
  10. Face paint glitter – because I love to add a little sparkle
  11.  Any pre made prostetics you want to use

As you can see I have just outlined a few things here as my kit has way more then this but the list is a great place to start and it depends on what look you want to create. Next blog we will talk about some of these items more. Do you think I missed anything? Comment below and see Miga’s Balloons for all your makeup needs.