Thursday, January 22, 2015

Take your celebration to the next level!

Here at Miga's we strive to make your every event extra memorable.

Keeping that in mind, here are some basic tips to keep each event on the tip of your guests tongues for a long time.

1) Create a theme.

No matter what the event, by creating a theme you are creating an experience for your guests.  You can do this by keeping it to a colour scheme, adding special little touches in surprising places, matching all your decor or even asking the guests to wear something special.  Some of the most outstanding ones we heard in 2014 were:

  • Dr. Seuss Birthday.  All the decor was kept within the orange and green colour scheme and the hostess found a unique center-piece to tie it all together.  Throughout the space, quotes and rhymes were hung on little strips of paper by orange and green twirls.
  • 80's Theme Sunday Dinner.  This was just a family dinner that was taken to the next level.  Guests were each asked to wear something from the era ie. big wigs, neon ties etc. Each family member had to find items that would be from the decade (rubix cube, atari, boom boxes etc)
  • Glow Teen Party. All attendees were asked to wear items that could be stained/marked.  Windows were blacked using sheets and then covered with black-light reflective back drops.  Black lights were mounted and all attendees were given glow bracelets, necklaces, mouth pieces and a pod of glow body paint.   Then kids were left to their own to mark up each other with the non-toxic body paint.  Food was finger foods served from dishes that had glow sticks attached for easy identification.  One wall was also covered with a white sheet so the kids could sign and design a backdrop for the birthday boy.
  • Meeting at the North Pole.  This themed family Christmas was done around the murder mystery style dinner.  Each attendee had a character and costume as well as a role to play within the theme of Santa's North Pole. Of course there was also a murder to solve.  Traditional decor for the holidays was used combined with sparkles, holiday balloons and twirls.
2)  Its all in the details.

If you are doing a beach theme, traditionally you want coconut cups and leis.  Why not add table top tiki torches a handful of sand and a couple seashells?  Each of the little additions you make will add to the wow factor and make your event harder to forget.

3) Get everyone involved.

Create activities that fit the theme and have guests take part.  Better still, have their activity include an item they can take home as a piece of memorabilia.  At a circus theme party teach the kids to make their own balloon animals or at a nightmare party, provide shirts to be ripped and decorated as part of their costume.  

This is just a start but with these few hints you will be on your way to creating your own next level gathering!

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