Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introduction to Miga's After Dark - Blog by Dianne Wain

Specifically designed to meet the needs of your more adult themed parties or sensual gatherings for two.
Staff have the knowledge and training to offer you assistance with all your needs. Be it accents for a fun Bachelorette party or props for a night with your lover.

Miga's After Dark is divided into three departments for your convenience.

The first is our Dusk area. This is for all those early evening gatherings. If you are having a party with friends and need a drinking game or decorations to spice up your night this is the area for you. Alternately, Dusk is also the area for those new or conservative in the intimate encounters. Staff can provide you with basic ideas to create a pleasurable evening as well as answer any questions you might have.

Next is our Midnight Section. This is for those more intimate parties with friends where you may be playing a game of sexual trivia or truth or dare. Also, the Midnight Section is where you expand your horizons once you have gained some more experience in the bedroom. If you are feeling frisky and up to some adventure and want to add some props to your evening. Miga's After Dark also carries a variety of instructional videos to offer aid in this area.

Finally we have reached our Morning Twilight. This is the area for those who have surpassed the earlier levels and are confident in their experience in the bedroom. If you are ready to explore some bondage or any other curiosities you might have and need some guidance, just ask. Our trained staff is here to help, nothing is taboo and everything is confidential.

What's your shade today?