Monday, August 11, 2014

Do You Cosplay?

Are You a Cosplayer?

No but what is cosplay that I keep hearing about? Cosplay is where people of all ages dress up as their favourite characters from video games, movies, comic books and much more. Some people purchase their costumes and others display their passion by making replica costumes by hand. On of the best examples of this is Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay. All of the people on the show have been cosplaying for a number of years and compete all over Canada and the US at conventions in the costume contests.

There is a HUGE culture within the cosplay world that is based on fun, acceptance and passion. Cosplayers take the time to share their skills, ideas and passion with people of all ages and the most popular place to find them is at a convention. The most famous of all conventions is San Diego Comic Con. This annual event draws thousands of people each year from around the world.

Heading to California not in the budget this year? No problem. Toronto holds one the Canada’s top conventions in August each year FANEXPO. With guest speakers, artists and actors from across the Sci-Fi, comics, anime, horror and gaming. This is a great opportunity to try out cosplay for the first time. Don’t worry you will not be alone. This year’s FANEXPO will take place August 28th to 31st. You can check out all the details at
Not sure is you want to try and make your own costume for your first cosplay? Miga’s Balloons + More in Goderich can help. We have several costumes for rent that feature famous superheros, anime chaarcters and film stars. Miga’s Balloons + More also has a wide range of accessories to help kick your costume up a notch if you are just looking for the final touches. Stop by Miga’s Balloons + More 40 West Street Goderich ON today and talk with one of our costume experts, like us on facebook or check us out online at

All photos are from Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay. Miga’s Balloons + More is not affiliated with the show or FANEXPO in any way nor do they own any rights to the show or FANEXPO. We are just HUGE fans.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Halloween 2014 Sneak Peek

Halloween 2014 is Just Around the Corner
Miga’s Balloons + More is your one stop for all your Halloween needs. Our highly trained staff are costume experts, you might even see them dressed up! We carry a wide variety of costumes in sizes infant to 4X.
Looking for something unique or have an idea but don't know how to make it come to life?
Miga’s Balloons + More can help. We offer a wide range of makeup, special f/x, accessories and of course advice. Combined with hands on demos, Miga's Balloons + More staff is ready to make your Halloween special and make it fun!
Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting costumes coming this year:
For the youngest of the family, cuddly and cute are in. From your little pea in a pod to a cuddly cow.
For the princess in your house, this year is all about Disney’s Frozen and Disney’s Maleficent.
For the adventurous, super heros are where it’s at and the Avengers are at the top of the list.
 For the Adults, anything goes. Sexy, Decades inspired, Pirates and Steampunk are huge this year. No matter your size, Miga’s Balloons + More has something for you up to size 4X.

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