Monday, June 16, 2014

Stay Cool This Summer with Disney's Frozen


The unbelievable surge in popularity of this Dinsey animated movie is soon to become a classic. Appealing to girls, boys and adults alike with lovable characters, catchy songs and a great story of impowered women.

Do you have a Frozen fan in your house? Not to worry there are lots of things you can do to work the frozen theme into your summer plans. Here are some great and simple game ideas.

1)      Make your own frozen fruit pops.
This delicous summertime snack is not only yummy but is easy for kids of all ages to help with. Simply take your favourite juice like orange and pour into popcicle molds and add popcicle sticks. Stick them in the freezer to harden and volia instant treat that even Olaf would love!

2)      Make your own snowman.
Have the children divide up into 2 teams and pick one child to become a snowman. Then using only a roll of toliet paper have the others wrapped up there snowman mummy style. To add some extras have a toque, scarf and other winter clothing accessories for them to decorate their snowman with.

3)      Pin the carrot on Olaf.
Just like pin the tail on the donkey but with a giant photo of Olaf and cut out carrots.

4)      Frozen Statues.
Elsa has frozen everyone in the room and choose one person to “search” to see if anyone is not frozen. All the frozen statues don’t want to be caught so hold still. The last one still frozen wins.

5)      Create your own ice palace.
Using ice cubes and two team see who can build the biggest ice cube tower before it melts.

Don’t forget to decorate and set the scene for your Frozen party. Use blues, purples, pinks and of couse Disney’s Frozen party supplies. Currently in Canada, plates, napkins, balloons, table coverings, pinatas, and some favours are available but do sell out quickly. Costumes are also great and encoruge the kids to come dressed up too.

Miga’s Balloons + More has a great selection of Disney’s Frozen party supplies as well as lots of extras to compliment the decor. Coming the Halloween they will also feature costumes from Disney’s Frozen! Stop in today while supplies last 40 West Street Goderich Ontario.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sizzle Into Summer with Miga’s Balloons + More

Summer is just around the corner and the staff at Miga’s Balloons + More cannot wait. Here are some great ideas for summer theme parties and fun products enjoy your time in the sun.

It’s BBQ Season so why not a BBQ theme party!

 Ahola Everyone! When you can’t get to Hawaii, bring the Hawaiian flovour to your next event!

What would summer be without WATER BALLOONS!
Kids of all ages love bubbles but they always pop when you try to catch them. Well not anymore introducing CATCHABUBBLE!

 Temporary tattoos are so last year. Get into glitter with Glimmer Body Art Tattoos. They last for 7 days and are water proof!

All of these great products and much more is available in store. Come and see us today 40 West Street Goderich ON.
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