Monday, May 26, 2014

5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Centerpiece

The best way to add pizzazz and excitement to guest tables, buffet tables or dining tables is to grace it with a centerpiece. They’re called centerpieces because they become the center of attention on any table. It must draw the eye to the beauty of the entire table. Centerpieces shouldn’t be too obvious or overpower the place settings but it should complement them. (Tip: Decorate using an odd number of items.)

When guests enter the room, one of the first things they will notice is the table centerpieces. Additionally, the centerpiece will be the thing they stare at throughout the entire event. There is a lot of room for creativity in designing the table centerpiece; it is a great stage to tell a story by adding interest and to convey a theme such as with candles, memorabilia’s, props, etc.

Five questions to ask yourself before you settle on a design:

1.     Will your guests be able to talk to each other across the table with these centerpieces on the table? The arrangements must be short enough or tall enough for your guests to be able to hold a conversation or to see the front of the stage without being annoyed by them. The rule of thumb is to have space between 14” and 21” from the top of the base of the centerpiece to the bottom of the top part of the centerpiece.

2.     Will there be enough room on the table for other elements with your centerpiece?  Is there enough room for all the china, glassware,
      favors, condiments, place cards, table cards, etc. without crowding the table? It is always best to have a narrow base because you can always branch out at the top if it is necessary.

    3.     Will the centerpieces’ smell or appearance ruin the guests’ appetites? Some strong smelling flowers or pungent odor of sea shells or a gold fish that appear to be dying or feathers that are dusty or even lots of candles can gross people out.

    4.     Is the centerpiece sturdy? Make sure your centerpiece has a well-built base that will not topple over especially with a heavy top. Additionally, be sure your centerpiece as a whole is sound. Things to consider: petals aren’t so fragile that they will easily fall onto dinner plates or glitter that will shake off when the air conditioning is blowing or that the candles can melt out of their containers.

5.     Does the centerpiece work with the room? If a traditional ballroom is decorated in ornate pieces, will an ultra-modern table centerpiece in acrylic boxes contrast with the space? You don’t need to match the exact colors of the carpet, but clashing styles or hues is not a good look.