Monday, February 17, 2014

Everything’s Coming Up Baby

With Spring just around the corner(we hope), many couples are getting ready to welcome a new addition to their families. Miga’s Balloons is proud to annouce some exciting new products for baby.

We offer a wide range of party decorations and supplies for Baby Showers. The most popular trend right now is the Fisher Price Jungle collection. This collection includes: plates, napkins, balloons, danglers, jointed signs, paper lanterns and much more. Miga’s Balloons has the collection in stock, come in to check it out today.

Brand new to Miga’s Balloons are chocolate cigars for when baby arrives. Available in both pink “It’s a Girl” or blue “It’s a Boy”, these individually priced cigars allow you to purchase only as many as you need.

The most popular way to announce a new baby is with balloons and Miga’s Ballons definately has you covered. We have a huge selection of balloons to go to the hospital, put outside, take to an office or place inside a home. Ask one of our balloon experts today about personalizing your own bouquet today.
Want to add a little something extra to your bouquet or gift? Miga’s Balloons now has a great selection of stuffed animals that would make the perfect cuddly addition. We also offer a delivery service in town for a minimal charge.

These are just a few of the many options Miga’s Balloons has to offer so make sure to stop in and consult with one of our party planning experts today at 40 West Street Goderich or call 519-612-1771 or email

Monday, February 10, 2014

Balloons in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Question - What kinds of balloons can go into hospitals and nursing homes?
Answer – non latex balloons

The reason - Most hospitals and nursing homes have become latex free environments due to an rise in latex allergies. A latex balloon although environmentally friendly, can potentially be life threatening to those with a severe allergy.

This is a very common question for us at Miga’s Balloons. It is for these reasons, all of our balloon experts are very familiar with which facilities in our area will except latex balloons and which will not.

Here are three of the most common non latex options.

Foil/Mylar – These balloons have been around for a long time and are the traditional coloured balloons that most people think of when you think of balloons. 

Interesting fact: they conduct electricity when placed in a group.

Bubble – Debuting just a few years ago, these balloons made from stretchy plastic closely resemble beach balls.

 Interesting fact: Bubbles last about one month as foil/mylar lasts only 2-3 weeks.

Orbz – The new kid on the block that just came out late last year.
They are a combination of a foil and a bubble. They bring together the best of both worlds with the added new shapes: cubez and diamondz. As they have just been released there are new styles still to be released and not all shapes are available yet. 

Interesting fact: Orbz require more helium then the others.

All of these options are available at Miga’s Balloons and can be delivered to the in town nursing homes and hospital for a minimal charge. Ask one of our experts today at 40 West Street Goderich or call 519-612-1771.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, millions of men and women are looking for the perfect way to say “I Love You”. The traditional chioces have always been flowers, candy, chocolates or a romanrtic dinner. This year when your words aren’t enough, say it with BALLOONS! Our experts at Miga’s Balloons can help you with all the decisions.

With so many styles, shapes and arrangements you can personalize an arrangement for your sweetheart. If you are still craving chocolates or candy, these can be easily incorporated with a candy weight on the bottom of the bouquet. To get the best selection get your order in early.

Miga’s Balloons also has some cuddly critters that have invaded. These super soft teddy bears, cats, dogs, monkeys and frogs can be added to any order. Does your sweetheart love flowers but sneezes at the sight of them? Then a chocolate rose could be the answer.

Can’t be with your sweetheart this year? Consider getting your arrangement delivered. Miga’s Balloons delivers in Goderich for just a minimal charge.

Balloons not your thing? Need something a little more grown up? Check out Miga’s After Dark for a piece of sexy Lingerie or a romantic kit for after dinner. Special on until Valentine’s Day, save up to 50% off select novelties.
 Stop by Miga’s Balloons 40 West Street Goderich today or call 519-612-1771.