Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miga's Going Shopping!

Miga's is going shopping in the new year for new stock from the largest Party Supply/Costume Show in North America and we are looking for ideas from our loyal customers!

1) Which types of gifts do you think Miga's Balloons should carry more of?
   a) Joke (ie Fart Spray, Water Squirters, Hand Buzzers etc)
   b) Novelty (ie. Specialty toilet paper, Age specific Glasses, Mini Rubix Cubes, Puzzles etc)

2)  Are there any products you have seen/heard about you would like to see in the Goderich Area but can't find?

3)   What type of balloon/party related items are you most likely to use at your next get together?

Email your votes to us and get entered in a draw for a $10.00 gift from Miga's Balloons + More.  No purchase necessary. Draw will be held on Friday January 30th and the winner will be notified between February 2-6th, 2015

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Elf Adoption Centre Open

Elf Adoption Centre Now Open

It's that time of the year again and Santa's elves have decended on Miga's Balloons and are ready to be adopted into the homes of good little girls and boys. The elves are excited to learn about our world and about what your child desires for Christmas so they can report in to Santa. Head into Miga's Balloons 40 West St Goderich today or call 519-612-1771 to reserve yours today.

What is Elf on the Shelf?

All across Canada, people are bringing the Elf on the Shelf tradition into their homes. Adopt a scout elf today!

The Elf on the Shelf is a special scout elf from the North Pole. A scout elf's role is to help Santa Claus manage his naughty and nice lists. When a family adopts an elf and gives it a name, the elf receives its Christmas magic and can fly to the North Pole each night to report to Santa on all the day's activity. The Elf on the Shelf has to follow Santa's rule, he/she cannot talk or move while anyone in the house is awake. He has to sit still to watch and listen. Early each morning, before anyone is awake, the elf returns to its family and perches in a different place in the home. Children love to wake up and find where the elf has positioned himself or herself for the day.

There is only one rule when it comes to having an elf - an elf cannot be touched. Christmas magic is fragile and if an elf is touched it may lose the magic and be unable to return to the North Pole.

Every year your elf will return to your home at the beginning of the holiday season. On Christmas Eve, all of Santa's Elves return to the North Pole - until next year!

The original Elf on the Shelf package includes a magical scout elf from the North Pole and a beautiful, fully illustrated children's story book, all in a keepsake gift box.

Scout elf is 8" tall and sits easily anywhere you place him/her. Cost is $34.99 + HST per elf. 

Miga's 2014 Holiday Hours

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Frozen Frenzy!

Do you have a little one in your house that is addicted to Frozen?   Have you been running yourself ragged looking for a cool birthday party idea that includes Frozen but no one has anything?   Take a deep breath, you are not alone, and we can help.

Miga's Balloons + More now has Frozen themed birthday supplies including paperware, decor and costumes!

For a Limited Time grab one of our Frozen Party Packs

Each Pack Includes:

  • 1 Frozen Balloon Bouquet (1 Orb + 4 Latex)
  • 1 each - Door Cover, Table Cover and Whirls Kit
  • 1 each Luncheon Plates and Napkins
  • 1 Package of Treat bags
  • 1 package each of Temporary Tattoos and Stickers
  • 5 Plastic Reusable 16oz Cups
  • 5 Inflate-a-Fun Wands
Imagine, a party for 5 including your special little one and all for only $65! 
Add a Pinata for $21.99 or a Tiara for $9.99.

While Supplies Last Miga's Balloons + More also has in stock Elsa, Anna and Olaf Costumes in children's sizes starting at 4-6x up to Tween.

Contact the store at (519)612-1771 or email migasballoons@yahoo.com

Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Safety Passe or Paramount?

When it comes to Halloween, safety is definitely the last thing on a kid’s mind but first on a parents. There have been great advances in technology to make Halloween safer for kids without taking away from the ideal costume look. Here are some new products:

Glow In The Dark Spray
Price: $9.99 + HST

This spray is ideal for use on costumes, clothing, tennis shoes, Halloween decorations, driveways, banners and more. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Price: $32.95 + HST
Sizes: Adult Small and Large available in store

Light up the night and get creative! The Light Suits comes with one reusable black jumpsuit, 25 8” glowstrips, 15 4” glowstrips, 10 2” glowstrips, 20 connectors and one pair of glow glasses. The possibilities are endless with the Light Suits as the design is up to you. Going to more then one party we also have glowstrip refill kits available in store.

Classic Glow in the Dark Face Paint
Price: $3.99 + HST

Create your own character, add some details or use on your whole body, Classic Glow in the Dark Face Paint leaves all of your options open. This is a non toxic product that is designed to be used on skin. If you don’t want to do your whole face glow in the dark then just add some small details to brighten up your makeup.

Check our Facebook page www.facebook.com/migasballoons or visit our website www.migasballoons.com for more info on whats happening in store!

Head to Miga’s Balloons + More 40 West St in Goderich for all of these great products to help keep your little ghosts and goblins safe this Halloween. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Do You Cosplay?

Are You a Cosplayer?

No but what is cosplay that I keep hearing about? Cosplay is where people of all ages dress up as their favourite characters from video games, movies, comic books and much more. Some people purchase their costumes and others display their passion by making replica costumes by hand. On of the best examples of this is Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay. All of the people on the show have been cosplaying for a number of years and compete all over Canada and the US at conventions in the costume contests.

There is a HUGE culture within the cosplay world that is based on fun, acceptance and passion. Cosplayers take the time to share their skills, ideas and passion with people of all ages and the most popular place to find them is at a convention. The most famous of all conventions is San Diego Comic Con. This annual event draws thousands of people each year from around the world.

Heading to California not in the budget this year? No problem. Toronto holds one the Canada’s top conventions in August each year FANEXPO. With guest speakers, artists and actors from across the Sci-Fi, comics, anime, horror and gaming. This is a great opportunity to try out cosplay for the first time. Don’t worry you will not be alone. This year’s FANEXPO will take place August 28th to 31st. You can check out all the details at www.fanexpocanada.com.
Not sure is you want to try and make your own costume for your first cosplay? Miga’s Balloons + More in Goderich can help. We have several costumes for rent that feature famous superheros, anime chaarcters and film stars. Miga’s Balloons + More also has a wide range of accessories to help kick your costume up a notch if you are just looking for the final touches. Stop by Miga’s Balloons + More 40 West Street Goderich ON today and talk with one of our costume experts, like us on facebook or check us out online at www.migasballoons.com.

All photos are from Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay. Miga’s Balloons + More is not affiliated with the show or FANEXPO in any way nor do they own any rights to the show or FANEXPO. We are just HUGE fans.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Halloween 2014 Sneak Peek

Halloween 2014 is Just Around the Corner
Miga’s Balloons + More is your one stop for all your Halloween needs. Our highly trained staff are costume experts, you might even see them dressed up! We carry a wide variety of costumes in sizes infant to 4X.
Looking for something unique or have an idea but don't know how to make it come to life?
Miga’s Balloons + More can help. We offer a wide range of makeup, special f/x, accessories and of course advice. Combined with hands on demos, Miga's Balloons + More staff is ready to make your Halloween special and make it fun!
Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting costumes coming this year:
For the youngest of the family, cuddly and cute are in. From your little pea in a pod to a cuddly cow.
For the princess in your house, this year is all about Disney’s Frozen and Disney’s Maleficent.
For the adventurous, super heros are where it’s at and the Avengers are at the top of the list.
 For the Adults, anything goes. Sexy, Decades inspired, Pirates and Steampunk are huge this year. No matter your size, Miga’s Balloons + More has something for you up to size 4X.

 For the latest updates on all things Halloween, like us on Facebook, check us out online at www.migasballoons.com or sign up as a Miga's Party Pal and get our monthly e-newsletter.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Party Like a Pirate This Summer

Get Your Pirate On

Looking to party like a pirate this summer? Milton’s Annual Pirate Festival is just the place for you. During the August Civic holiday weekend, Milton hosts an amazing Pirate Festival that is fun for the whole family. This year’s theme “All that Glitters is not Gold”.

From The Pirate Festival site:

Join us again for 3 glorious and exciting days in the Village of Dry Bluffs. All the Pirates are scurrying, busy chasing gold – in fact, anything and everything that glistens! Watch carefully, to discover what these have pirates tucked in their packs? Could it be sacks of gold, gems and stones? Treasure is as abundant as are tricky Pirate Thieves! Be On Guard! Watch your treasure …

Some treasure may be of great value, while some may be fool’s gold. Perhaps only the Chandler’s Wife can tell. For those who join us on Saturday night, the Captain’s Keg will present a fun and enjoyable evening full of glistening memories!

With entertainment, crafts, a scavenger hunt and the Captain’s Keg, it’s a great day trip opportunity and you get to be a pirate! Costumes are encouraged and most people will be dressed up while visiting. Do own anything that would work and you don’t want to stick out? Miga’s Balloons + More in Goderich has you covered. We offer a wide variety of pirate costumes, accessories, wigs and makeup for the whole family in stock. To get the best selection head to 40 West Street in Goderich today.

Check out all the details on The Pirate Festival here

Miga’s Balloons + More is not affiliated with the Pirate Festival in any way. We are just huge fans.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Stay Cool This Summer with Disney's Frozen


The unbelievable surge in popularity of this Dinsey animated movie is soon to become a classic. Appealing to girls, boys and adults alike with lovable characters, catchy songs and a great story of impowered women.

Do you have a Frozen fan in your house? Not to worry there are lots of things you can do to work the frozen theme into your summer plans. Here are some great and simple game ideas.

1)      Make your own frozen fruit pops.
This delicous summertime snack is not only yummy but is easy for kids of all ages to help with. Simply take your favourite juice like orange and pour into popcicle molds and add popcicle sticks. Stick them in the freezer to harden and volia instant treat that even Olaf would love!

2)      Make your own snowman.
Have the children divide up into 2 teams and pick one child to become a snowman. Then using only a roll of toliet paper have the others wrapped up there snowman mummy style. To add some extras have a toque, scarf and other winter clothing accessories for them to decorate their snowman with.

3)      Pin the carrot on Olaf.
Just like pin the tail on the donkey but with a giant photo of Olaf and cut out carrots.

4)      Frozen Statues.
Elsa has frozen everyone in the room and choose one person to “search” to see if anyone is not frozen. All the frozen statues don’t want to be caught so hold still. The last one still frozen wins.

5)      Create your own ice palace.
Using ice cubes and two team see who can build the biggest ice cube tower before it melts.

Don’t forget to decorate and set the scene for your Frozen party. Use blues, purples, pinks and of couse Disney’s Frozen party supplies. Currently in Canada, plates, napkins, balloons, table coverings, pinatas, and some favours are available but do sell out quickly. Costumes are also great and encoruge the kids to come dressed up too.

Miga’s Balloons + More has a great selection of Disney’s Frozen party supplies as well as lots of extras to compliment the decor. Coming the Halloween they will also feature costumes from Disney’s Frozen! Stop in today while supplies last 40 West Street Goderich Ontario.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sizzle Into Summer with Miga’s Balloons + More

Summer is just around the corner and the staff at Miga’s Balloons + More cannot wait. Here are some great ideas for summer theme parties and fun products enjoy your time in the sun.

It’s BBQ Season so why not a BBQ theme party!

 Ahola Everyone! When you can’t get to Hawaii, bring the Hawaiian flovour to your next event!

What would summer be without WATER BALLOONS!
Kids of all ages love bubbles but they always pop when you try to catch them. Well not anymore introducing CATCHABUBBLE!

 Temporary tattoos are so last year. Get into glitter with Glimmer Body Art Tattoos. They last for 7 days and are water proof!

All of these great products and much more is available in store. Come and see us today 40 West Street Goderich ON.
Miga’s Balloons Summer Hours
Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Sundays and Holidays Closed

Monday, May 26, 2014

5 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Centerpiece

The best way to add pizzazz and excitement to guest tables, buffet tables or dining tables is to grace it with a centerpiece. They’re called centerpieces because they become the center of attention on any table. It must draw the eye to the beauty of the entire table. Centerpieces shouldn’t be too obvious or overpower the place settings but it should complement them. (Tip: Decorate using an odd number of items.)

When guests enter the room, one of the first things they will notice is the table centerpieces. Additionally, the centerpiece will be the thing they stare at throughout the entire event. There is a lot of room for creativity in designing the table centerpiece; it is a great stage to tell a story by adding interest and to convey a theme such as with candles, memorabilia’s, props, etc.

Five questions to ask yourself before you settle on a design:

1.     Will your guests be able to talk to each other across the table with these centerpieces on the table? The arrangements must be short enough or tall enough for your guests to be able to hold a conversation or to see the front of the stage without being annoyed by them. The rule of thumb is to have space between 14” and 21” from the top of the base of the centerpiece to the bottom of the top part of the centerpiece.

2.     Will there be enough room on the table for other elements with your centerpiece?  Is there enough room for all the china, glassware,
      favors, condiments, place cards, table cards, etc. without crowding the table? It is always best to have a narrow base because you can always branch out at the top if it is necessary.

    3.     Will the centerpieces’ smell or appearance ruin the guests’ appetites? Some strong smelling flowers or pungent odor of sea shells or a gold fish that appear to be dying or feathers that are dusty or even lots of candles can gross people out.

    4.     Is the centerpiece sturdy? Make sure your centerpiece has a well-built base that will not topple over especially with a heavy top. Additionally, be sure your centerpiece as a whole is sound. Things to consider: petals aren’t so fragile that they will easily fall onto dinner plates or glitter that will shake off when the air conditioning is blowing or that the candles can melt out of their containers.

5.     Does the centerpiece work with the room? If a traditional ballroom is decorated in ornate pieces, will an ultra-modern table centerpiece in acrylic boxes contrast with the space? You don’t need to match the exact colors of the carpet, but clashing styles or hues is not a good look.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eleven Helpful Hints for Planning a Successful Party:

1.     Plan ahead as far as possible to ensure your choices will be available when you want them.

2.    Determine the number of guests for your event.

3.    Choose a hall, venue or site to host your event.

4.    Plan your party with a theme in mind. Even if your theme is just a colour.

5.    Determine your budget.

Miga’s Balloons + More can help you select and share cost saving tips to make your event affordable and be on budget.

6.    Determine other professional needs, including:
florist, photographer, bakery, entertainment, decorations, party favours, transportation, honeymoon plans and attendant gifts.

7.    Meet and choose a caterer to determine the type of food and cost.

8.    Send out invitations at least eight (8) weeks prior to your event, ten (10) weeks for out of town guests.

9.    Determine if accommodations and transportation will be necessary for your invited guests.

10.  Finalize all aspects of your event with the event
professionals that you have chosen at least one week out prior to your event.

11.   And HAVE FUN!!! ALL of your planning has ensured that your event will be special and fun!

If any of these tasks seem overwhelming the staff at Miga's Balloons + More can help. Stop by today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What are looking most forward to this summer? ENTER TO WIN!!

Send in your best summer activity photo for your chance to win a medium balloon bouquet from Miga's Balloons! 

Photos will be posted to our website and facebook page so make sure to finish the caption "The thing I'm looking forward to this summer is ...". 

Contest closes May 17th.   

Friday, April 11, 2014

Celebrating with Balloons

Kids birthday (Easter, Graduation etc) parties can be an adventure but have you ever noticed all these toys you buy them are only interesting for about a week?  Your kids will hint, ask, torture you to buy them the latest toy from ‘X’ (insert favourite t.v. show/character here) for a gift.  Then, when you go to try and get it to make them happy, they are sold out, over the top expensive or just so cheap you know they will be useless almost as fast as you buy it.

Well, why not think outside the box this year? At Miga’s Balloons +More we are always looking for fun and unique gift ideas for all occasions. Ranging from themed party accessories to balloon sculptures and foil balloons to simple party activities that won’t break the budget.  Even better, after a week when your child is tired of it, almost all of our party supplies are 100% recyclable! This includes every part of our balloon bouquets and centerpieces.
Hello Kitty Column
Minnie Mouse Column

So this year, try something new from a Balloon Sculpture

Minion Pinatas

...to a Pinata full of treats/toys of your choosing....
Lightening McQueen Pinata


Or even a glitter tattoo kit for them to explore with their friends.
Glitter Tattoos for boys and girls.  Non-toxic and easy to use.

 Whatever your needs, come in to Miga’s where we can help you “Make it Special, Make it Fun!

 (c) 2014 D. Wain